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The Three Basic Classes of Aura by MarthTheBlackLegend The Three Basic Classes of Aura :iconmarththeblacklegend:MarthTheBlackLegend 0 0
Marth's First Experience with Vore
*Warning: This story contains Soft Vore.  If you don't like it, I suggest you stop reading and back out now.  If you don't mind vore, then please continue.*
I was laughing while playing with Lissa, who is a latias. However, she is also one of my best friends.  We came to know each other with me having to take her to a pokémon center after I found the dragoness severely injured after hearing a huge crash that she caused.  I also met her brother, Chrom the latios, the same day, or rather, the same night.
“Hey Lissa, catch this!” I shouted as I threw a crimson red frisbee into the air with a really hard throw.  The plastic disk was gone within a few seconds, out of sight.  Lissa flew after it at high speed, showing off a little as she broke the sound barrier.  A few seconds later, she returned with the frisbee in her mouth, her breath faintly labored.  I allowed myself a chuckled as she dropped it.  “Why did
:iconmarththeblacklegend:MarthTheBlackLegend 1 5
Watercolor practice by MarthTheBlackLegend Watercolor practice :iconmarththeblacklegend:MarthTheBlackLegend 0 0 Bayleef Head Drawing by MarthTheBlackLegend Bayleef Head Drawing :iconmarththeblacklegend:MarthTheBlackLegend 0 0 Absol Head Drawing by MarthTheBlackLegend Absol Head Drawing :iconmarththeblacklegend:MarthTheBlackLegend 2 0 Arceus Head Drawing by MarthTheBlackLegend Arceus Head Drawing :iconmarththeblacklegend:MarthTheBlackLegend 2 3 Mew Head Drawing by MarthTheBlackLegend Mew Head Drawing :iconmarththeblacklegend:MarthTheBlackLegend 1 0 Darkrai Head Drawing by MarthTheBlackLegend Darkrai Head Drawing :iconmarththeblacklegend:MarthTheBlackLegend 2 0 Latios Head Drawing by MarthTheBlackLegend Latios Head Drawing :iconmarththeblacklegend:MarthTheBlackLegend 0 0 Chibi Latias Drawing by MarthTheBlackLegend Chibi Latias Drawing :iconmarththeblacklegend:MarthTheBlackLegend 1 0 Marth's Selfie by MarthTheBlackLegend Marth's Selfie :iconmarththeblacklegend:MarthTheBlackLegend 0 2 Atmospheric Perspective Practice by MarthTheBlackLegend Atmospheric Perspective Practice :iconmarththeblacklegend:MarthTheBlackLegend 4 3 Lissa The Latias by MarthTheBlackLegend Lissa The Latias :iconmarththeblacklegend:MarthTheBlackLegend 2 0 Lissa The Latias by MarthTheBlackLegend Lissa The Latias :iconmarththeblacklegend:MarthTheBlackLegend 2 0 Chara First Person POV - Sans Battle by MarthTheBlackLegend Chara First Person POV - Sans Battle :iconmarththeblacklegend:MarthTheBlackLegend 1 0
Marth's Origins - Tech support
I was typing away on the computer, my fingers tapping the keystrokes at a very fast pace.
"Marth what are you doing?" I heard someone ask.
"Not now Chrom." I replied, "I need a lot of focus on what I'm doing. One mistake and I'll have to start the whole thing from scratch."
Though I guess I could tell YOU guys what I'm doing. After all, I'm pretty much used to talking to the fourth wall at this point. You see, I know I couldn't do everything by myself. So, I am making something that will help me keep things on track, as well as for tech support for when I need it.
Even though I wasn't looking at him, I could tell he was staring at the screen like I was. It's part of the bond we have. I am able to sense where he is regardless of distance.
After writing a few more lines of code, I was finished. "Finally, I'm done with this." I said out loud as I pressed a button on the keyboard that was away from the standard set of keys. The screen in front of me flashed for w
:iconmarththeblacklegend:MarthTheBlackLegend 0 0



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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

Former account: crazyphyso

Well, let’s get this over with.

About me:

Well, the first thing you should know is my name.  I’m not comfortable with telling my real name, so you can just call me Marth.  Most people call me by that name anyway.

As you may have guessed, I am an artist and a writer.  I’m the kind of person that mostly does fan-based media most of the time, such as making fan-art and fan-fiction.

Even though I like plenty of other things, Pokémon is my main thing.


How I came to be a Pokémon fan.

I had my ups and downs when it came to Pokémon when I was a bit young.  I started off on the original seasons, though I couldn’t remember when I stopped, but then I was back on it while watching the D&P seasons, stopping again within the first few episodes of Unova.  Eventually I watched an episode that was posted on youtube (and I’m sure that there are a lot of channels that focus on putting up the Pokémon anime).  After that, I ended up watching the whole thing from the first episode, all the way to Kalos (what was up the time anyway.)  I even watched the movies

I’m still trying to keep up with the episodes. (Though that can get difficult when life gets in the way and you only have internet to watch it.)

As for the games, I did try to play those with emulators, but my first real playthrough a pokémon game was Pokémon Platinum, which a friend gave to me (along with the old DS he wasn’t using anymore).  Since I liked the anime, I’d figured that I would like the game as well.  I wasn’t disappointed.  (A little trivia, the friend that gave me the game suggested that I go by Marth when I was having trouble coming up with one to play as.)  My further games were Omega Ruby (which I got with a New 3DSXL), and pokémon X.  I did play though B&W/B&W2, but they don’t really count since I was pretty much using codes so that I can see the story of both games.  I’m more of a casual player rather than a competitive player when it comes to the Pokémon games.


How did I get into fanfiction?  What fanfics am I working on now?

Well, I guess it had to do with a story called “The adventures of Ashchu and Latias” by @werfamily07 (Which then became “The adventures of Ashios and Latias).  It’s a good story if you could get past the fact that it’s all one block with each chapter.  (I actually stumbled upon this while looking up Ash and Latias.  I was a big Alto shipper when I saw the 5th pokémon movie.  I still am.)

When I came upon Fanfiction Net, and red some of the stories (Most of them Altoshipping stories when I first looked), I was very interested in them.  As I read more and more, I was pretty much let my imagination run wild.

I eventually started to try to write my own piece of fanfiction at some point.  This was called Chosen Duo.  Now at the time, I didn’t really know what I was doing, and the very first version I did was in script form, which I admit was horrible, and I stopped third chapter.  The second version was a lot better in paragraph, though the first chapter was heavily inspired by Auroabeam Corperation’s “Legendary of Betrayal.”  As of right now, those two versions of the story are scrapped (though was can see them on FictionPad, though I can’t promise that they’ll be good.)  I’m planning a rewrite of the story (And hopefully this will be the last version).

I did another fanfic which was called “Fox Sage and Black Ninja.”  The first version is scrapped, and while I do have the current version out on FanFiction Net, it’s on hold until I figure out what to do with it.

The third story is a personal project of mine called Marth’s Origins.  As you can probably guess, it’s about my main oc, Marth.  Though, it’s more of a series of one-shots.  I did have another version up, but I scrapped that and rewritten it as I wasn’t satisfied, (Plus Marth did seem to be OP in that version).  Marth’s Origins is right now my main focus.

Though sometimes I do work with Arkilos as his editor.  (I swear, if it wasn’t for me his chapters would be a bit of an eyesore if you’re the type that can’t stand mistakes.)


How did I get my username?

Well, this is a bit of a funny story.  Okay, so my first username was crazyphyso, a name I came up with when I started playing World of Warcraft.  You remember my friend suggesting that I use the name “Marth” when I started playing Pokémon Platinum?  Well, that habit went on when I got my 3DS and set the system name AND main mii’s name to Marth.  When I played against my friends in Smash 4, you should’ve heard all the times they told me to use my namesake.  :XD:

Anyway, when I got tired of using crazyphyso, I switched to MarthTheLatios.  Mostly because of all the Altoshipping stories I read and me imagining myself as a latios.  Eventually I came up with the username, Marth, The Black Legend, which was also the name of the OC I was making at the time.


What's with me OC and why is the the same name as my username?

Well, I’ll leave you guessing on the question of whether I made my Account Name or my OC first.  Yeah, Marth is pretty much my avatar, my persona.  I guess you could say that he’s a SIOC, yet I don’t think there is enough of me in him that would make him so.  At first he was a bit of a Gray-Stu (Male equivalent of Mary-Sue), but over time and some realization (as well as some bashing on my character, but I won’t say who did so).

To this day I’m still trying to figure out my own character.  (Along with several others)


Why do I have a section for Vore in my DA Gallery?

Well, yeah, I do have a vore fetish.  Now before you go complain and spam me with hate, just remember that we all have our kinks and fetishes.  Now, not liking something is okay, but putting hate down on others because you don’t like it is something I can’t tolerate.

Now here’s some advice, if you see the word “Vore” somewhere in the title, that means there is probably going to be vore in that piece, and if you don’t like it, then that would be the time to click/tap that back button.  In my case, there is going to be a [VORE] tag in the beginning of the title of any vore artwork I end up doing.  For stories that include vore, there will be a warning in the beginning of my story.


How did I even get into vore?

Well, I guess the first time I even knew about vore was when I saw a latias vore story that involved Ash (I was looking around for Altoshipping stuff at the time).  Instead of being turned off, I was very interested in the story.  It wasn’t a high-end level of writing, but it was still good.  When I got more into it, I was finding all kinds of different vore.

Now don’t get me wrong, I do fantasize it more than I should, but it’s not something I would do in real life.  Also, while I do like vore, I much rather enjoy literature of vore where there is a story behind it.  Believe me, I wouldn’t like something just because there is vore, I want it to be good, not some rushed craptastic art or story.

Though, there are some things that turn me away.  Human preds is a huge nope for me.


If you read through all of this, I thank you.  Now...what is your story?


I do offer commissions for artwork and stories.  Spaces are limited, so once they fill up they will be closed until all of the commissions in the slots are done.  All commissions I have done will be in the “Commissions folder in my gallery.”

Info about commissions can be found with This Link.


I may sell some of my own artwork as prints.  Let me be clear that any artwork I sell as prints are completely original.  This means that the artwork sold will not be a part of ANY fandoms (Pokémon, Naruto, Yu-Gi-Oh, etc.)


Do not ask for a fav/watch/llama/cake/core back.  Not only is it very annoying, but it also makes you seem desperate.

No flame or hate comments.  I mean, come on people, you have better things to do in your life than attack from behind a screen.

Don’t spam.  It’s very annoying and serves no other purpose.

Don’t steal, copy, sell, or trace any of my artwork without my permission.  I mean, do you REALLY think you could do that and get away with it?  OF COURSE NOT!  If you want to use any of my artwork, ask me first.  If the artwork in question is a gift or commission, than ask them as well.  Me?  I have no problem with it as long as it’s not for a profit and you ask me first (unless stated otherwise).   My litterature pieces also falls under this rule.

Don’t attack anyone.  This should go without saying and should be obvious.  This includes anything like race, religion, fetishes anyone might have, etc.  Please, -_- we’re trying to be civil here.

My Friends:

People I know in real life: :icondreamcastboy99: :iconkanea00747:

Awesome friends: :iconthe-queen-of-solace: :iconthe-king-of-solace: :icon8tothe8th: :iconmanqarrow: :iconkuixotic: :iconjaybirdy07: :iconkinglightlatios:

External Links:

Twitter (I may tweet, but don't expect much)

YouTube (I will post my videos here)

Fanfiction (All of my stories will me here)

Fictionpad (And old and scrapped versions of my stories will be here.)


(Because Wynaut?)

Stamp: Dear Fetish Communities by PrincessSkylerI'm not normal. I'm me by zaz14ispottermadI don't know you enough. by PrincessFlawYes, it can be part of Sexuality too, GET OVER IT by wwwareaStamp: We all have dealt with these kinds of peps by PrincessSkylerJust because I have one doesn't mean I like it all by Lentertamentjust because you don't like it... by LentertamentRudeness - stamp by Angi-Shy


(A quick little update, I am working on a new version of my Commissions page.)



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


I try to write sometimes, but I end up playing games like World or Warcraft and Minecraft.
The Great Queen's quote of 2017!
"Technology's vagina looks great so far."

-The-Queen-of-Solace 2017

Based on a Skype thing which can be seen  here
*Playing Super Smash Bros.*

Chrom: Play your namesake.

Marth: Oh come on! I have enough of that while playing with my friends.

Chrom: Do it!.


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