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Marth's Mew Form :iconmarththeblacklegend:MarthTheBlackLegend 3 0
Marth's Origins - Begining
Marth’s Age: Birth - 1 year old
Summary: When Marth is born and when he met Micaiah.
Rating: M
World(s) involved: Pokémon (Anime)
Warnings: Dark Themes.

I suppose you happened to stumble upon this by chance.  Or maybe you actually have an interest in me.  Either way, I should tell you a bit about me.  My name is Marth.  Marth, The Black Legend.  You may or may not have heard of me before.  Anyway, this is me and this is my story.
It started when I was born as a mew.  A strange one though.  I had black fur instead of pink, and I had an arceus wheel on my back.  The first time I saw my reflection, I saw that I had my father's red eyes instead of the baby blue eyes my meema has.  As you could probably tell, I am the son of Mew and Arceus.
Don’t get me wrong, I may be powerful right today, but being th
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Pretzel Project :iconmarththeblacklegend:MarthTheBlackLegend 4 0
BIO: Marth, The Black Legend
Marth.  A name that one pokémon came up on his own.  He is the son of Arceus and Mew.  Despite this, however, he doesn't have an easy life.  In fact, he had to face many evil teams, powerful foes, and even corrupt deities.  He travels throughout the Omniverse, always on an adventure.
When Marth was born as a mew with an arceus wheel on his back, his parents were lost on a name and he came up with one himself.  Marth.  No title to it.  For a year, Marth was taught by his parents on the very basic use on aura, and the basic elemental attacks.  When his meema thought he was ready, she and he went out into the world and was teaching him how to transform into a human so that he could blend in with them and reduce the risk of getting captured.  However, Marth ended up copying the human DNA and added it to his own, instead of simply mimicking it.  This made him effectively part human.
Around that time he hear
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Disorted Realm
In a parallel realm to ours, is a place where the world is in inverse colors, where the sky is white at night and black at day.  It is also devoid of life.
How shadow force works is that it opens up a portal to another plane.  opening up to the distortion world takes up a lot of energy.  However, the first original Giratina have found a way to use Shadow force without having to use up as much energy, as a way for other giratina to be able to use Shadow Force.  A parallel realm.
This is the Distorted realm.  The realm runs so close to ours that it is coexistent.  Those who are in the Distorted realm can interact with anything or anyone within the normal realm.  However, the people in the normal realm can’t even detect you unless you interact with them.  Sure they can’t see you fully, but you become transparent to them for a split second as soon as you touch them.
No one can stay in the distorted realm, though.  If enough time
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The Ranks in the Hall of Origins
In the great hall, there are ranks.  And each legendary that has a place here, has a rank depending on their power and importance.
There are the low ranked legendaries. They have minor roles in the world and have little to no power.  These legendaries are: Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Suicune, Raikou, Entei, Latias, Latios, Regice, Regirock, Registeel,  Manaphy, Heatran, Darkrai, Cresselia, Shaymin, Virizion, Cobalion, Terrakion, Keldeo, Victini, Hoopa, Diancie, 
The Mid Ranked legendaries.  They have a major role in some part of the world, and have significant power.  These legendaries are: Ho-oh, Lugia, Celebi, Reshiram, Zekrom, Kyurem, Volcanion, Solgaleo, Luanna.
The high ranked legendaries have the power to influence the world.  These legendaries are: Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza, Xerneas, Yveltal, Zygarde.
The ones above them are the god ranked legendaries.  They have the power to influence the universe.  These legendaries are: Palkia, Dial
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Hall of Origins
The Hall of Origins is known by humans, only in Myth.  Only the original legendary pokémon and their children can enter the hall.  There only two humans the Arceus trusts and is allowed to enter.  These two are the Chosen Duo.  Since the place has it’s own dimension that is separate from earth, the only way in would be through dimensional teleportation through portals which only the Original legendary pokémon and their children, as well as the two chosen duo, can go through.
Those that enter the dimension would land in a patch of soft ground that is surrounded by grass.  The first thing they would see is the entrance to the Hall Of Origins itself.  The front is a big white wall that goes in either direction, and in the middle of it is  the stairs that leads to a white floor and a roof that is supported by golden pillars.  The door itself is white with an Arceus wheel on it.  When they enter through the door, they would see a
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Katara's Story
*Warning, this story contains Transformation from human to pokémon.  If you don't like it, then I would have to ask you to please back away from this page.  Anyone who put any hate comments will be blocked without warning.  NO EXCEPTIONS!*
The breeze was flowing through the day in the city as a human by the name of Katara was walking by.  Katara was a young water type trainer in Cerulean City.  She is wearing a necklace with a water stone that came from her mom...before she disappeared.
She also has a blue shirt with a bunch of water types on her back.  She also has blue shorts and blue sneakers.  She was aspired to be a water type trainer like the gym leader Misty.
One day, when no one was looking, she went to the Cerulean cave.  She was all alone and was without her pokémon.  It wasn’t like it wasn’t normal for her, though.  She usually came here when she was a kid and all the pokémon were nice
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OC: Marth, The Black Legend
🎮🐉⎋⎊♎😼☣️☢♦🎮Marth, The Black Legend©🎮♦☢☣️😼♎⎊⎋🐉🎮
Name: Marth
Alternate Name: Black
Nickname: Black Legend
Species: Mew/Arceus/Latios/Human
Soulbonded to: Chrom the Latios
Mew (Tanoshi in human form)
Arceus (Professor Alpha in Human form)
Peach the Mew
Palutena the Arceus
Elemental Aura Manipulation - As a pokémon, Marth is able to manipulate elemental aura.  
Arceus Aura (Aura of the Silver Soul): Aura that is only accessible to the chosen ones and all Arceus(es).  Marth can do impossible feats and his attacks become much stronger.  If used in any other form other than Arceus Hybrid form, Marth will feel tired afterward. During use, Marth is surrounded by silver aura.  The Aura of the Silver Soul is
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United States
Formerly crazyphyso

If you know me, great! :D

If you’re new, welcome
Hello everyone. I guess I should really talk about myself.

My name, as you can probably guess, is Marth, The Black Legend. No, I am not giving you my real name so don’t ask.

Anyway, I became interested in digital art a while back. I did some animations using Pivot, and stickfigure animation program, and then Stykz, another stickfigure animation program that exceeds Pivot in most areas. I made a few animations, only a couple of which I posted on the account I made a few years ago.

As a child, I got into the pokémon series. I had lost interest a few years into it, but then got back into it when I saw the Diamond and Pearl seasons, only to lose interest when the Black and White seasons were airing. I got back into it again after watching one of the episode that made me love the franchise. I watched the anime from start to whatever the current episode was at the time, along with the movies. I still try to keep up with the series.

In about 2015, I read a pokémon fanfiction piece, which was really good if you could get past the fact that the text was in one block. When I stumbled onto FanFiction Net, I started really getting into it. I mostly read Altoshipping (Ash x Latias pairing.) stories. Those, as well as other Ash x Pokémon fanfics.

I eventually made my first character, Marth. Now this name came from the fact that I use Marth as a name when I played my first pokémon game, Pokémon Platinum, on my DS. I ended up using the name with my 3DS as well. (All the times my real life friends kept telling me to use my namesake while we were playing Smash. :XD: )

The second part of the name, the title “Black Legend.” comes from the fact that Marth is a legendary pokémon who favors the color Black, hince why his fur/feathers are black, and he wears black clothing.

Now when I made my character, I didn’t really put much thought into it. The result was a character that came out as perfect (Gary Stu). However, over time I made my character have flaws. I’m still improving on my character, but eventually, I will have a solid backstory for him.

Those who followed me from FF Net may or may not know that I work with an AU pokémon world. This deters from the canon worlds and things from my AU world contradicts stuff from canon. (I.e, aura used for pokémon attacks.)

As of right now, I am working on fanfiction, as well as some artwork. (I keep posting stuff I did for school, god I should make some time to do artwork for my own characters. :XD:)


Friends I know in real life: :icondreamcastboy99: :iconkanea00747:

Awesome friends (At least, ones that aren’t in the above list): :iconumbra-regina: :iconzeta-midnight: :icon8tothe8th: :iconmanqarrow: :iconkuixotic: :iconjaybirdy07: :iconkinglightlatios:

And now the rules.

1. Please, for the love of Arceus, do not ask for a fav/watch/llama/cake/core back. Not only is it very annoying, but it also makes you seem desperate.

2. No flame or hate comments. I mean, come on people, you have better things to do in your life than attack from behind a screen.

3. Don’t spam. It’s very annoying and serves no other purpose.

4. Don’t steal, copy, sell, or trace any of my artwork without my permission. I mean, do you REALLY think you could do that and get away with it? OF COURSE NOT! If you want to use any of my artwork, ask me first. If the artwork in question is a gift or commission, than ask them as well. Me? I have no problem with it as long as it’s not for a profit and you ask me first (unless stated otherwise). My litterature pieces also falls under this rule.

5. Don’t attack anyone. This should go without saying and should be obvious. This includes anything like race, religion, fetishes anyone might have, etc. Please, we’re trying to be civil here.
Thank you and have a nice day.
Okay, so I'm going to do a Q&A where any of you can ask my character about anything about themselves.


You can only ask characters currently on the below list.

Please comment on THIS JOURNAL.  I won't be answering questions about my characters anywhere else.

While I may answer as the characters themselves, don't think that we will RP here.  That's where RP starters are.

When there are two versions of the same character, please make it clear as to which version you're asking.

You can also ask me questions. but don't expect me to answer them.

Have Fun. :) (Smile) 

List of characters

-Marth, The Black Legend (Story) (Author)

-Chrom the Latios (Story)


Listened to Stronger Than You, the Sans and Chara versions. Somehow, I can imagine two of my characters singing them.
That feeling when you need to sharpen a pencil, but you don't have a pencil sharpener.


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